Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Donkey Kong Country Episode 5 - 'Spresso

Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 5
Date Aired September 21st, 2013
Episode Length 16:23
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode Tree top fun!
Next Episode Frozen Solid


The episode starts very tame. Alex askes us how the audience is doing, completly ignoring Greg as he answers. After that, Rhinos. The first level that Jirard plays is Temple Tempest, which is a very familiar level, yet completely new.

Alex brings up that since the PS4 and Xbox One are close to release day, he feels that the 360 and PS3 graphics are already feeling outdated. This has Alex pondering on an interesting question; How do we view older games these days? How has the view on video game graphics progressed? He also wonders if people who grew up with Pixel Art only appreciate the graphics.

At the end of the episode, Jirard askes if people care to see them find all the secrets on screen, or if they should just beat the levels, and then find the secrets off-screen.

Jirard plays through a level very closly resembling Millstone Mayhem, where he had trouble finding all of the secrets in on Episode 3. However, on this level, he doesn't have too much trouble finding the secrets, although he misses one secret on his first play. In the second level, Orang-utan Gang, Jirard clears the first secret easily, unscrambling words like a pro, which leaves Alex very impressed with him. However, Greg misleads Jirard by telling him that their is only the one secret, and Jirard is forced to replay the level. Jirard then has trouble getting the other four secrets.


  • Temple Tempest beaten
  • Orang-utan Gang beaten


  • Orang-utan Gang has three times as many critters as any other level.

Final WordEdit

  • Jirard: Mankey.
  • Greg: That's it?
  • Jirard: ...Yeah! Mankey!
  • Alex: Yeah, it's Mankey, dog!
  • Greg: Mankeydog!
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