A Murder of Monkalruses
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 52 - A Murder of Monkalruses

Game Mother 3
Episode 52
Date Aired November 22th, 2014
Episode Length 18:34
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Up Then Down Then Up Then Down
Next Episode They Don't Talk to Anyone


After defeating The Barrier Trio and having their victory crushed by the main Antagonist, Jirard begins his journy back to the Octo-taxi where he makes his way back to civilization. On his way to the Octopus Jirard finds out that the Monkalrus has a chance to drop a rare Item and so he grinds to get that special Item.


  • Jirard acquired the mystical gloves
  • Kumatora learned a new fire technique
  • The frog made it out of the snake after talking things over
  • Jirard made it back to Tazmania beach

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex wonders how the Chimera made it to this Island

Question of the DayEdit

Whats the dummest enemy that you have ever had to grind

Whats the best/goofiest Line in a video

  • For Alex its a pokemon that he had to grind for HP EV points
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