A Surprising Victory!
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 3 - A Surprising Victory!

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 3
Date Aired July 10, 2013
Episode Length 15:12
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Next Episode A Day in the Sewers!


Once again, Jirard starts the episode lined-up with the Gameboy playing Toad. Progress-wise in the episode, Jirard clears Mushroom Kingdom of the Shy Guys, not believing that he would be able to, but actually beats Mack, the first boss, on his first try to obtain the First Star.

When Jirard tries to get into a battle with a Shyster, Greg says that he "loves" how hard it is to get into a battle when you want to, but when you don't it happens all the time. He than says that he still has scars from Pokemon from when he was a kid, to which Alex replies that he still GETS scars from Pokemon, such as stretch marks, as you get stretch marks from gaining weight, and you gain weight from staying still, and he did a lot of that while playing Pokemon, so he says Nintendo owes him money for plastic surgery.


  • Shy guys we're originally not Mario enemies. They came from "Doki Doki Panic," which was converted into a Mario game.
  • If you suck off the mask of a Shy Guy ghost in Luigi's Mansion, it shows that Shy Guy's do not have faces.
  • Mack's Japanese name is Kenzōru, which comes from "Ken," which means "Sword".
  • Mack's English name is a reference to Mack the Knife, because he hops around on a knife.

Question of the DayEdit

Where do you think all the enemies go to when they die? (In Mario, specifically)

Alex says that Mario's shoes are High-Tech and they open a pocket dimension, and when the enemies disappear, it sends them to the Phanthom Zone.

Final WordEdit

Jirard: Shy Guys

Alex: Shoes

Greg: Kangaroo

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