Abomination and Son
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 10 - Abomination and Son

Game Mother 3
Episode 10
Date Aired May 25th, 2014
Episode Length 17:45
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Magic Men and Women
Next Episode Duster Bowl


The episode begins with a jumbled welcome from Alex, mixing up most of his words. Jirard, on the other hand, knows what to say. They are then thrust right into some story, with Jirard stepping into an Instant Revitalizing Device and turning into a pigman (not really)!

While running after the Baby Drago looking for Claus, Jirard is ambushed by walking Trees, which honestly make him scream out in fear. He manages to avoid most of them, but is then confronted by Mecha-Drago. After defeating it, Flint is forced to kill it, however, he is stopped by this Baby Drago. This is in vain though, as the Mecha-Drago dies, shedding one more tear.


  • Claus' Two Shoes found
  • Mecha-Drago defeated!
  • Chapter 1 ended


  • In EarthBound, the Dread Skelpion resembles the Titany.
  • The Balding Eagle's EarthBound equivalent are Spiteful Crows.
  • The Balding Eagle's name is a pun on Bald Eagles. Never would have guessed, huh?
  • Beating a Balding Eagle with a combo attack will have the enemy bounce of screen with it's sprite flipped horizontally.
  • In Mecha-Drago's sprite, you can see where it lost one of its fangs.
  • The scars on Mecha-Drago's body could have been made by the PSI technique that Aeolia taught him.
  • There is an unused sprite of Flint stabbing the sprite with the Drago Fang.
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