For the SNES game of the same name, see Aladdin.
Disney's Aladdin (Genesis)
Completionist Info
Disney's Aladdin Sega Genesis - The Completionist ft. Dodger Ep

Disney's Aladdin Sega Genesis - The Completionist ft. Dodger Ep. 132

Episode Number 132
Date Released June 5th, 2015
Completionist Rating Fini-Play It!
Link Aladdin Genesis
Disney's Aladdin is aplatform video game developed by Virgin Interactive based on the 1992 motion picture of the same name. The game was released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in November 1993 and was later ported to the Amigacomputer and MS-DOSwhich featured module music and sampled sound effects. NES and the Game Boy received a reworked port. It is one of several video games based on this film, including one gamethat was released in the same month by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed the Genesis version of Aladdin for the 132nd episode of The Completionist, after previously having done the SNES version Season 2. Like that review, Dodger of PressHeartToContinue joins Jirard to review this game.

The opening skit shows Jirard frustrated that Dodger isn't around, though he fails to recognize her when she walks in. He expresses his frustration with her and Jesse Cox, and has Sam Strippin call her. Dodger gets frustrated that no one recognizes her, which isn't helped by Alex coming in and asking the same question.

Jirard initially doesn't want to discuss the plot of the game, due to basically being the plot of the movie. Dodger has to force him to do it.

Jirard notes how the animation looks different from the SNES version, but it still has charm of the film. Dodger compliments the music, but notes how some of the levels don't fit the plot. As for gameplay, Jirard finds that the game isn't as hard as he remembers, and the sword gameplay works for what it is. However, Jirard misses the parachute from the SNES version, and Dodger finds some of the level design confusing and messy. Prominent, vulgar complaints are given about the carpet sections. Dodger gives some kudos to the bosses, except for the final fight that doesn't rely on the sword. Overall, though, Jirard and Dodger find they were a bit too harsh on the game when they reviewed the SNES version. However, they still far prefer the SNES version.

Guests Edit

  • Dodger
  • Jesse Cox
  • Sam Strippin
  • Alex
  • Sunder

Trivia Edit

  • Jirard had previously listed this as one of his favorite Sega Genesis games in a Top 10 video.
  • Greg had previously expressed distaste for this game due to its difficulty.
  • Jirard and Dodger do a parody of Aladdin's "A Whole New World" about Jirard's game collection.
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