Alex Rides A Tank?! - War Thunder
Alex Rides A Tank?! - War Thunder

Alex Rides A Tank?! - War Thunder

Game War Thunder
Episode N/A
Date Aired January 27th, 2015
Episode Length 7:23
Last Episode N/A
Next Episode N/A

Summary Edit

The intrepid Alex Faciane is sent out by Jirard to go on the adventure of a life time: riding around in real-life tanks. This one-off episode features the glorious Alex, as well as cameos from Drake and Gaijin Goomba. The studio was recording audio for the game, and decided to let some YouTubers drive around in their awesome tanks. Afterwards, everyone played the game itself. The video concludes with an exciting montage of tanks, shooting, and explosions.

Trivia Edit

  • War Thunder, made by Gaijin Entertainment, focuses on accuracy to real life tanks, and how they operate.
  • The game is still in progress
  • Tanks are dangerous, and you shouldn't touch the red button
  • Explosions are cool
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