Big Bad Bosses -B3- - Angel OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Big Bad Bosses -B3- - Angel OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Angel is the second single from the Big Bad Bosses album "Power Overwhelming". A music video was released on the That One Video Gamer channel on December 20th, 2016, animated by Gregzilla.

The track is the fifth on the album. Lyrically, it is a solo song for Sephiroth (voiced by NateWantsToBattle) as he picks up a girl at a club, but soon proves to be too much to handle for her. The other members of B3; Bowser (Jirard), Dr. Robotnik (Alex), and Ganondorf (Satchbag) appear to provide the chanting on the chorus.

Personell Edit

  • Nathan "NateWantsToBattle" Sharp - Sephiroth "Sephy"
  • Jirard "Dragonrider" Khalil - Bowser "Big Bow"
  • Alex Faciane - Dr. Ivan "Ronik" Robotnik
  • Satchell "Like-A-Bag" Drakes - Ganondorf "G-Cash"
  • Jake Kaufman - Composer

Lyrics Edit

Club hoppin', See her dancin' alone

In the corner, I'm just checkin' my phone

I should join her, Step right into the zone

Get to sweatin', I ain't tryin' to unwind

Girl you're smokin', Damn you're one of a kind

Can't help it; Moves are blowin' my mind.

Girl, now my pulse is starting to rise

I see excitement flash in your eyes

Let's get a cab and blow the joint

Let me get right on down to the point

(Menacing angelic chanting)

Shoulda told ya, Wrapped up baggage in store

Couldn't blame ya, Show yourself to the door

Couldn't help it, Left it all on the floor

Now you know me, Might just drop the facade

Make your mind up, A one winged Angel, a fraud

Let me tell ya, I could summon a god

I called my mom and told her the deal

This story feels so eerily real

She said to call this party off

She said she hates to see me go soft

She says that all I need is a friend

She said to never falter again

She said to rain down fire and then

She said this happens now and again

And again

And again

(Menacing angelic chanting)

Trivia Edit

  • In the music video, the girl Sephy takes home most closely resembles Elena, a member of the Turks in Final Fantasy VII. Other members of the Turks also appear to try to take Sephy down in the second verse.
  • The chanting on the chorus is a recreation of the chanting from "One Winged Angel", Sephiroth's battle music in Final Fantasy VII.
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