Asagao Academy
Completionist Info
The Completionist® - Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club PLEASE DATE ME

The Completionist® - Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club PLEASE DATE ME

Episode Number 177
Date Released June 10th, 2016
Completionist Rating Date It!
Link Asagao Academy
Super Beard Bros. Info
Super Dating Bros

Super Dating Bros. Asagao Academy 1 - Everybody Loves Jirard

Series Number 28
Date Began June 13th, 2016
Date Ended July 22nd, 2016
Number of Episodes 12
Playlist Super Dating Bros.

Asagao Academy is a fan-made otome dating sim and visual novel featuring The Completionist, JonTron, Peanut Butter Gamer, Continue?, Did You Know Gaming, Satchbag and ProJared. It also has appearances from the members of Hidden Block.

The game was made by Cara Hillstock, Danielle Hargrave, and Nikki. The game is not officially affiliated with Normal Boots or Hidden Block, despite featuring them. The game was released on April 21, 2016. Although Hidden Block members are present, none of them are dateable. Alex Faciane plays the game on Super Beard Bros. in an attempt to "get in Jirards pants".

Super Beard Bros. Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Everybody Loves Jirard
  2. When Jirard Met Shane...
  3. How to Lose a Jirard in 10 Days
  4. Sleepless in Jirard
  5. The Jirardaday
  6. Forgetting Jirard Khalil
  7. There's Something About Jirard
  8. You've Got Jirard
  9. What Jirards Want
  10. Romeo+Jirard
  11. Me, Myself, and Jirard
  12. How to Be Jirard

The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed Asagao Academy for the 177th episode of The Completionist. For the review, he primarily talks about the stories that revolve around his character.

Jirard appreciates the way the Normal Boots crew is portrayed and drawn in Asagao Academy. He finds the imagery impressive, especially compared to the pre-release screenshots. He also praises the music for being fitting to each situation.

Though a dating sim, Jirard notes how much strategy goes into progressing through the story and getting to a certain ending. Also, due to the nature of the game and multiple endings, Jirard is very thankful that the game allows you to skip bits you've experienced before to unlock more story. As a whole, he finds the game surprisingly fun.

Jirard found the completion bonus, a fanfic between PBG and ProJared, a little disappointing, as you technically don't have to complete the game. However, as per Jirard's suggestion, the game was slightly changed to tie up loose ends of the plot.

Statistics Edit

  • 36 Hours of Total Playtime
  • 33 Animated CG Cards
  • 40 End Sequences
  • 1 Princess Pumpernickel Doll

Trivia Edit

  • Asagao Academy is the first dating sim Jirard has played.
  • This video contains voice cameos from ProJared, Paul of Continue?, PeanutButterGamer
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