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Assassin's Creed The Completionist Episode 97

Assassin's Creed The Completionist Episode 97

Episode Number 97
Date Released May 30th, 2014
Completionist Rating Plook At It!
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Assassin's Creed is a historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that consists of seven main games and a number of supporting materials, as of 2013. The games have appeared on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, iOS, HP webOS, Android, Nokia Symbian Windows Phone platforms, and the Wii U.

The main games in the franchise were developed by Ubisoft Montreal for the single player and Ubisoft Annecy for the multiplayer, with the handheld titles developed by Gameloft and Gryptonite Studios, with additional development by Ubisoft Montreal. The series has been well received by the public and critics, and has sold over 73 million copies as of April 2014, becoming Ubisoft's best selling franchise. The series took inspiration from the novel Alamut by the Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol, and are considered by some to be the spiritual successor to the Prince of Persia series.

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The CompletionistEdit

On May 30th, 2014, Assassin's Creed was uploaded to YouTube and Normal Boots, which was hinted at in various past videos and twitter posts. Without much of a reason, the opening has Jirard "accidentally" stabbing a random intern, killing him.

Jirard notes that the opening is slow and the tutorial is tedious, but he compliments the story as a whole for its Matrix influences. Additionally, he finds the game to be a bit dated in terms of visuals compared to its successors. Though he still does find the game graphically impressive. The open world aspect of the game in particular entices him. Unfortunately, he finds Altaïr's American accent jarring, considering he's supposed to be Middle Eastern.

Jirard finds the hidden blade mechanic a lot of fun. However, the way the game is set up makes the game less open world oriented if you are trying to complete the game. He also thinks the combat gets repetitive. Going back to playing as Desmond also makes the game slower to him, and he doesn't find the bosses difficult. The side missions frustrate Jirard due to their size and sheer number. The collectables aggravate him especially due to a lack of a completion bonus.

During the review, Jirard said that he had to restart this playthrough multiple times in order to fully complete the game, as on multiple occasions, the game would glitch to where he needed to kill only one templar and obtain one flag, although they would both not spawn. This leads to a criticism of how buggy the game is.

Trivia Edit

  • Jirard makes a parody of the song "One Jump Ahead" from Aladdin, with lyrics about what it's like to be an assassin.
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