Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 7
Date Aired November 4th, 2013
Episode Length 19:21
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode Frozen Solid
Next Episode Bega Down


The episode starts with Jirard expressing how much he hates the level Snow Barrel Blast, the level he said he would beat last episode off camera. The first level played is Slipslide Ride.

During one of the Completionist Live steams, Jirard was bummed by one of the comments. He starts by saying that by being The Completionist, he plays hundreds of games, and only completes ones that he enjoys. He also has limits on completing games, and uses The Illusion of Gaia episode as an example. If you miss one collectible during your play, then you have to start all the way back at the beginning.

However, the chat comment was a guy flaming Jirard for using a guide to complete Ocarina of Time and Master Quest. Since the game is so expansive and there are tons of collectibles, Jirard wouldn't be able to complete the game in time without the use of one. He then goes on record saying that he doesn't always use guides, but when he does, they are usually just as check-lists. Greg then says that he uses guides all the time, while Alex buys guides because they are cool just to have.


  • Snow Barrel Blast beaten
  • Slipslide Ride beaten
  • Ice Age Alley beaten


  • Slipslide Ride is the only level that is considered an ice cave level, as this is the only level with the Ice Cave Theme Song.
  • Ice Age Alley is also called Ice Age Valley.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Of the 80 episodes (as of 11/04/13) on The Completionist, Jirard has used a guide on only about six of them.
  • The background to Ice Age Alley resembeles Denver, Colorado. At least to Alex.

Question of the DayEdit

Should people use player's guides, or are they "lame" to use?

Alex thinks that people can use player's guides or not if they wish, he doesn't have the right to tell people how to play video games.

Final WordEdit

Alex: Schlitz

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