Beach Find
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Wild Arms Episode 43 - Beach Find

Game Wild Arms
Episode 43
Date Aired September 17th, 2013
Episode Length 20:55
Playlist Wild Arms
Last Episode Bad Role Models
Next Episode Bustin' outta dis joint!


The first few minutes of this episode has the boys very confused as the game decides to unexpectedly break the 4th wall.

In the middle of the episode, there is an area that will teleport you back to the start if you walk in the wrong places. Jirard , not content with waiting for Alex to read what path to take, manages to be teleported back to the start multiple times.

Towards the end, there is a sped up segment of Jirad trying to get through a maze, featuring a remix of the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • On YouTube this video is muted, no audio can be heard but the video can still be watched.


Not RelatedEdit

  • The USS Missouri was a battleship that the Japanese signed their surrender on, in World War II.

Question of the WeekEdit

What is the weirdest J-RPG endgame location?

Alex and Jirard both said that Ultmecia's Castle from Final Fantasy 8 was a weird place, but Alex also said the end of Final Fantasy 13 as well.

Final WordEdit

Alex: Final word

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