Bega Down
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Donkey Kong Country Episode 8 - Bega Down

Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 8
Date Aired November 5th, 2013
Episode Length 19:45
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode BEGAWATCH!!
Next Episode Mid Week Monkey


The episode starts with Greg creating a little rhyme to welcome everyone back. "Mambo, Mambo, Hey. Welcome to Tuesday." Afterwords, because Greg said "Mambo," this starts a discussion about Lou Bega, and how "the end goal of The Completionist is to have Lou Bega be a guest on the show." Start the RevoLOUtion!

While playing through Rope Bridge Rumble, Jirard said that if the comments/viewers wanted to see a play through of Donkey Kong Country Returns, that he would consider playing the game on the show, although he thinks it is a fairly easy game.

When Jirard brings up how he keeps messing up in the same spot, Greg says that he never messes up and says that he should change his Completionist Name from "The Mediocre-ist" to "The Perfectionist."


  • Croctopus Chase beaten
  • Torchlight Trouble beaten
  • Rope Bridge Rumble beaten
  • Really Gnawty's defeated.
  • Gorilla Glacier Completed.


  • Croctopus Chase is the only level with two arrow signs in it. 

Not RelatedEdit

  • The Beard Bros. collective favorite Lou Bega album is the fourth ablum, Free Again.
  • Jirard knows every word to every song from Lou Bega's first album, A Little Bit of Mambo.
  • The first CD Alex ever bought was by "5ive."

Question of the DayEdit

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Alex's guilty pleasure is the first two Rush Hour films. Jirard's guilty pleasure is Chris Tucker the actor.

Later, in Episode 11 it is revealed that Greg's guilty pleasue is all of Lou Bega, as well as the album Anthology by Alien Ant Farm.

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