Bellagio Music
Super Saw Bros

Super Saw Bros. 1 - Bellagio Music

Game Saw
Episode 2
Date Aired July 2nd, 2015
Episode Length 14:59
Playlist Saw
Last Episode Finale + Bonus! (Saw)
Next Episode Gun Marks the Spot

"That's a scary thing, right?"
- Alex Faciane


The episode begins with a disclaimer that although this is technically the first episode of Super Saw Bros, it's the second episode of Saw, so watch viewers need to watch the end of the Super Meat Boy Finale + Bonus episode.

As soon as Jirard is done giving the disclaimer, Alex goes on to say that this series will be like the Jungle Cruiser ride at Disney Land, but instead of a fun jungle, they're gonna be in a dirty house (although it's an asylum).

After continuing through from where they left off last, Jirard comes across a water fountain, and askes Patrick, an editor, to add the Bellagio Music and a slow zoom to the water effects coming from the fountain. After continuing just a bit further, Jirard finds a leaky pipe in a bathroom, and once again has a slow zoom in on the water. The "Bellagio Music" is Clair De Lune, by famous composer Claude Debussy.

After finishing the Morgue puzzle, Jirard gets lost after finding a key, although he has a map that shows him where to go. After finding the door, they go across a balance beam, which prompts Alex to speak his love for them.


  • Wall Uppercutted
  • Arnie Faulkner cut open

Question of the DayEdit

What's the worst, repetitive puzzle?

Alex immediately says one of the most common responses that the locpicking in the Fallout games are, although while they should be repetitive, he enjoyed them.

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