Bill Cosby Starfox (Finale Part 1)
Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 Finale Pt

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 Finale Pt. 1 - Bill Cosby Star Fox

Game Mega Man 7
Episode Finale part 1
Date Aired July 26th, 2014
Episode Length 22:50
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Mountain Dew on the PS9
Next Episode The End! (Finale Part 2)


Skipping all the Robot Masters, Jirard starts this episode off back again against Dr Wiley. Both Alex and Jirard introduce themselves to the audience as Alex and Jihad, and they state that they are about to "rage holy war" against Dr Wily. Failing once again to defeat Dr Wiley, it was not until the third attempt that Jirard Finally takes down the toughest boss fight with Dr Wiley in Mega Man history.


  • Jirard fought and defeated both forms of Dr Wiley
  • Jirard Beat Mega Man 7

Final PromisesEdit

Mega Man powered up for PSP and Mega Man X Street Fighter


  • This form of Dr Wiley from Mega Man 7 is the toughest form in all Mega Man games

Not RelatedEdit

  • Alex and Jirard are looking forward to the Family Guy crossovers
  • Alex Has not slept much due to the destiny Beta that has him hooked
  • Jirard just found out that the coil is chargable
  • Alex finds most quotes he uses and doesnt know where they are from are from Star Fox
  • Jirard believes that the Robot Masters in this game are the most dynamic

Question of the DayEdit

*Family guy, yay or nay?

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