Biscuit Risk It
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 8 - Biscuit Risk It

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 8
Date Aired July 19th, 2014
Episode Length 19:20
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Protowned
Next Episode Mountain Dew on the PS9


Saturday is Wiley day is what Jirard says at the beginning of this episode as they start the Wiley stages. Although it may seem as though only a couple of days have passed by, it has actually been two weeks since the Beard Bros have played Mega Man 7 due to the SGC event and Jirard and Alex thank all those who have come for their support.


  • Jirard Started the Wiley Stages
  • Jirard fought Bass for the first time and defeated him
  • Jirard fought Guts man and defeated him
  • Jirard Beat the first part of the Wiley Stages
  • Jirard began the second Wiley Stage
  • Jirard fought Bass for the second time and defeated him
  • Jirard fought Turtle Bot and defeated him like a boss
  • Second Part of the Wiley stage was completed


In this episode Alex goes over the promises that have been made 1) PSP Remake of Mega Man 1 2) Mega Man and Bass 3) Mega Man X street fighter

however they may not play Mega Man and Bass


  • Dr. Wiley's castle looks slightly different than the other games
  • The Robot Birds in Mega Man 7 are called Pipi because that's the Japanese bird noise
  • The turtle is based off a Godzilla Monster

Not RelatedEdit

  • as a child Jirard always felt like the Wiley stages in Mega Man 7 were like Mega Man X because they had the same color feel as the Sigma Stage 1
  • Jirard feels like the Protoshield is "dope" while Alex believes that it both looks cool, and is cool.
  • Beat Saved Jirard for the first time in the first Wiley stage
  • It has actually been 2 weeks since the last time Alex and Jirard have played Mega Man 7 due to the SGC event
  • Alex feels as though the music from the shop is from a demented carnival
  • If anyone can prove that they have been to a Nintendo love hotel then they will receive a prize
  • Alex believes that Bass fused with Treble looks like Meta Night but Mega Man edition

Question of the DayEdit

What game did you put up with as a kid that you would not have the patients for now and vice versa?

Alex loved the Army Men games as a child but he feels that he would not enjoy them as much as an adult.

Bonus Question of the WeekEdit

do you remember the Bat Monk?

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