Bustin' outta dis joint!
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Wild Arms Episode 44 - Bustin' outta dis joint!

Game Wild Arms
Episode 44
Date Aired September 19th, 2013
Episode Length 25:23
Playlist Wild Arms
Last Episode Beach Find
Next Episode The Goofy Episode


This episode begins with with the Bros. repeating "Mr. Bada-Bean" and then hinting at that there is an actual context to that phrase, but doesn't reveal what it is. Then, they head to Adlehyde. In Adlehyde, they gain the upgraded flying machine, which allows them to fly over the mountains and Jirard flies away immediately. Since there is no map, they were lost and had to teleport back to Adlehyde to get their bearings. After arriving at Adlehyde, again, Jirard flies southeast to Pandemonium, which they head in to.

In Pandemonium, they meet Elmina again and fights the boss Turask.

What we learnedEdit

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  • The Nigel Thornberry Facebook page likes The Completionists Facebook page.
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