Chicken McSandwich
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 14 - Chicken McSandwich

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 14
Date Aired October 31st, 2013
Episode Length 22:14
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Humpty Dumpty
Next Episode Novemberween


The episode starts with Alex exclaiming "What's up, suckas?" and Greg instantly loving this intro, saying that it almost tops the Richter! intro.

Jirard easily makes it to the King Calamari boss fight, as he actually remembered the password from his other playthroughs, letting him skip pretty much the entirety of the dungeon.

While Greg is telling a story about how smart crows are, Jirard says that he wants to call the episode, right in the middle of his story. This, obviously, upsets Greg.

Jirard gets a game over while fighting Hidon, a monster-chest like enemy. This discourages him, and he decides to just skip the battle.


  • King Calamari defeated.
  • Johnny Jones defeated.
  • Johnny Jones' Ship completed.
  • 5th Star Piece obtained.


  • King Calamari's jar-like home may indicate that he is an octopus rather than a squid, as this is much more common with octopi.
  • Even if King Calamari is defeated first, his tentacles will still be alive.
  • Hidon is a piranha plant inside of a Treasure Chest.
  • Hidon's name is derived from Hidden, or even Hide In.
  • Hidon's name could be a reference to the Final Fantasy VI Boss Hidon, whose name was derived from the term "hidden."
  • In all language releases of Super Mario RPG, the Pirate leader's name is Jonathan Jones.

Not relatedEdit

  • Jirard's Favorite weapon in the game is the Hurly Glove, as it allows Bowser to throw Mario at enemies.
  • If you stick your hand inside of a tank with octopi, they will recognize you.
  • Alex has a dream to own a Simpsons Arcade Cabinet one day.
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