Child Actors
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 1 - Child Actors

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 1
Date Aired April 26th, 2014
Length 17:21
Playlist A Link to the Past
Next Episode Why Are You Came?


The episode begins with the bros. excitedly welcoming everyone to the show, and A Link to the Past, and waste no time jumping into the game, with a character named "Beard."

The episode reveals a bit more about Jirard's childhood, where he used to be an actor, and how he auditioned for movies he wasn't old enough to be in.


  • Lamp obtained
  • Sword obtained
  • Boomerang obtained
  • Princess Zelda saved
  • Fourth Heart Pieces obtained
  • First Bottle obtained


  • After learning about the Chris Houlihan Room, Jirard makes a (stupid) promise that he WILL get into that room, once he obtains the Pegasus Boots.


  • A Link to the Past (ALttP) was directed Takashi Tezuka, who also worked on the original Zelda.

    Roam, from the ALttP comic.

  • Most SNES Cartridges were 4 Mbits (512KB), while LttP is actually 8 Mbits (1MB or 1024KB). 
  • (Theory) Alex believes that because the cartridge is double the size of a regular game, that is the reason that A Link to the Past allows you to travel to both the Light World and the Dark World.
  • ALttP limits the color depth of the game's tiles to eight colors, instead of the SNES's usual 16 colors.
  • There was a comic (or manga) for ALttP in Nintendo Power that ran for 12 issues.
  • In the manga, they add a character named Roam, who turns into a bird.
  • Once Upon a Time, Nintendo held a contest to get your name into a NES game through. Someone had won this contest, however, Nintendo forgot where they had this name. Later, they found it, and added it into this game. However, this is only in the SNES American Version.
  • The Chris Houlihan Room is a crash prevention measure.

Not RelatedEdit

  • One of Jirard's favorite cartoons was made by Egoraptor, and was about this game. (Link [No pun intended])
  • Jirard estimates that he has played this game at least 100 times. Dang.

Question of the DayEdit

How many times have you played A Link to the Past all the way through to completion?

Alex answered with 3 times playing all the way through, once on SNES, once on the GBA, and once on an emulator. He also played it a bunch, too, however, he only completed it 3 times. Jirard said that the most times he has completed ALttP in one sitting was rougly 8 times in a row while riding on a Virgin Mobile flight.

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