Claymen's PUNishment
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 25 - Claymen's PUNishment

Game Mother 3
Episode 25
Date Aired August 10th, 2014
Episode Length 22:56
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode I Can't Believe It's Not Butterfrog!
Next Episode The Road to Titiboo


The episodes begins with Jirard almost immediately saying that you can get a Frog in a Car Bag and a Frog in a Car shirt, both of which were drawn by Amanda Flagg! It's like a dream!

After Jirard makes it to Titiboo Station, he gets a (boring) part-time job escorting Claymen to become revitalized. It takes him a good 7 minutes for him to finish, which makes Jirard feel really bored. Alex actually commends this, because it means that Shigesato Itoi did a really good job at making the player feel what everyone working there would feel.


  • Titiboo reached
  • Factory Sketch obtained
  • Ticket obtained

Question of the DayEdit

What's the longest dungeon you've even been in?

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