Clayter Man
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 14 - Clayter Man

Game Mother 3
Episode 14
Date Aired June 8th, 2014
Episode Length 20:37
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode The Shining Spittoon of Mr. Passion
Next Episode Shake That Wess

"Oh God, Hitler-based pigs!"
- Jirard Khalil

Episode Edit

This episode starts out with them exiting the mansion with the newly obtained Noble Spittoon to return it to Wess at his, and Dusters, house. After some exploring, they find the house, but to their surprise, they find out that Wess's nature is somewhat abusive. He destroys the spittoon seeing it worthless, but to Duster's luck he is fascinated by the Pendant. This action makes Alex wonder if Wess was the reason for Duster's limp. After this, Wess decides to go with Duster to the mansion again joining the party. Wess joining the party is not well received with both Jirard and Alex for his the nature he expressed beforehand.

Inside the mansion they find the Pig masks which send out the Clayman. Jirard dies to the Clayman the first time, but the second attempt was successful with the help of Wess, who can sometimes actually scold Duster during battle. The continuation of his behavior leads to this episode's question of the day and the end of the episode.

Progress Edit

  • Wess joins the party
  • Clayman defeated

Trivia Edit

  • The ancient banana is a play on the classic joke of slipping on a banana peel, as this item causes enemies to slip on it.
  • The Clayman may be this game's version of the Starman from EarthBound

Question of the Day Edit

What is a character or character choice you wish you didn't have to deal with in a game?

The Bros. gave an example of Slippy the Toad from Star Fox 64, although they say this question is looking for someone worse than Slippy. They can't give any more than this though, as all of their examples are spoilers.

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