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Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 19 - Companion Box

Game Mother 3
Episode 19
Date Aired July 19th, 2014
Episode Length 25:22
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Sonic Adventure '06
Next Episode Fassads a Dick

"I feel like a back-flip is better than a thank you..."
- Jirard Khalil


After a nearly one month absence of Mother 3, Jirard and Alex return after SGC and they had to get back to the point they were at, as they had just gotten an actual GBA cartridge that was sent to the by Kyle Greentaner. What an awesome dude, huh? Another thing to note is that Michael Faciane played the game again up to the point of the episode, so one more shout out to him. What great people.

Soon after, Alex brings up that they may be able to do the rhythm combat now, with Jirard thinking that it will be the same. In the battle after, Jirard pulls off an amazing 13-hit combo, leaving them both in shock. Although Alex is impressed, Jirard thinks that it was too easy. In the coming moments, he pulls off the largest combo in the game: 16-hits. Even after this, he still thinks it's a fluke. Once again, he gets into another battle, pulling off another 16-hit combo (alright, now you're just showing off...)


  • Rhythm Combo learned
  • Happy Boxes delivered


  • Shigesato Itoi was asked what exactly Happy Boxes were, as they were often mistaken for televisions or monitors. Itoi's answer has been that they don't display anything, and they could very well just be a fish tank.

Question of the DayEdit

Is there a character from a game that looks like a character from another game?

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