A Completionist Name is the name given to certain friends of Jirard Khalil, ranging from serious to whimsical.

The CompletionistEdit

Completionist Title

Jirard's "Completionist Name" is the original; The Completionist. His name stems from the fact of him completing games week after week, and has earned him said title. 

The Mediocre-istEdit

The Mediocre-ist!

Greg's Completionist name comes from his general badness in gaming; The Mediocre-ist. This name first appeared at the end of the Super Meat Boy episode. In honor of Jirard's death at the end of the episode, he dubbed himself the Mediocre-ist.

The ProofistEdit

Alex's Completionist Name came between the DLC Episodes 7 and 8; The Proof-ist. Originally, Alex didn't have a Completionist Name, and in his debut episode, DLC Episode 6, he was simply known as Alex. In the next DLC Episode, he was known as The Nameless-ist, serving as a make-shift Completionist Name. By the time of the next episode, he had obtained his actual Completionist Name; The Proofist. It was never explained how he obtained this name, however.

The Pizza-pletionistEdit

The Pizza-pletionist is a self-dubbed name JonTron gave to himself during the Luigi's Mansion episode, which was randomly shouted out while he was lying down in Jirard's House.

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