Mario RPG 12

Mario RPG 12

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 12
Date Aired October 29th, 2013
Episode Length 15:32
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode We're Back, again.
Next Episode Humpty Dumpty


The episode begins with Bundt's defeat, just as Jirard said in the last episode. Booster then eats the possessed cake (in one bite), and Alex somehow compares it to boiling a lobster, but then starts talking about an octopus. Alex says that he was interrupted because Greg had pulled a single M&M out of his shirt pocket and handed it to him. 

When returning to Peach's Castle, Jirard says that stuff finally starts to get weird. This, of course, has Alex bringing up Booster eating a living, breathing cake. Afterwords, Alex reveals that every time that he "does good" Greg hands him another pocket M&M.

At the end of the episode, Jirard is askes for people to ask questions that they will answer on the next episode. However, since Super Beard Bros. is pre-recorded, the questions that people send it after seeing this video, will be read AFTER the next episode has already been recorded. Jirard repeats "cut the feed" while Alex explains this predicament.


  • Bundt defeated.
  • 4th (and easiest) Star piece obtained.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Star Hill is called Fallen Star Hill. In all other versions, it is called Shooting Star Hill or Shooting Star Summit.

Question of the Week (Day?)Edit

What have you been doing in our absence?

Greg claims to have built a Japanese pagoda, which he then moved into over the Beard Bros Break. Jirard, oddly however, does not believe him.

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