Super Buff Bros

Super Buff Bros. 1 - Buffbois

Series Number 36
Date Began April 11th, 2016
Date Ended April 17th, 2016
Number of Episodes 3
Playlist Contra
Contra, distributed as Gryzor in Europe and Oceania, is a 1987 run and gun action game developed and published by Konami originally released as a coin-operated arcade game on February 20, 1987. A home version was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, along with ports for various computer formats, including the MSX2. The home versions were localized in the PAL region as Gryzor on the various computer formats and as Probotector on the NES, released later. Several Contra sequels were produced following the original game. The name of the game refers to the Contras, a group of CIA-backed Nicaraguan rebels who were frequently in the news in the United States in that period. (Wikipedia)

Super Buff Bros. Edit

Episode 1 - #Buffbois.Edit

The episode starts with Jirard explaining that the Beard Bros wants to play a short game between Banjo Kazooie and their next big game. Alex and Jirard also uses the Konami Code that gives them both 30 lives in the game.

Question of the day; What is your favorite side scroller shooter?

Alex favorite is Metal Slug X and Jirards is Contra 3

Episode 2 - #Slowbois.Edit

Bonus - #snapplebois.Edit

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