Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE- Castlevania Symphony of The Night Episode 5 - DIE HIPPOGRYPH!

Game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Episode 5
Date Aired April 26th, 2013
Episode Length 20:08
Playlist Symphony of the Night
Last Episode Damn Hippogryph!
Next Episode Myst


Jirard welcomes everyone back to Castlevania, while Alex professionally recaps what had happened in the last episode. Greg soon joins in, leading into the fight with the Hippogryph.

Once again, for the 4th episode in a row, Alex brings up that he got flamed in the first episode for guiding Jirard exactly where to go.

Jirard said in this episode that the Super Mario Land 2 episodes are in "hiatus" due to technically issues. Jirard says that they are cursed, and then says, referencing Castlevania 2, "What a night to curse" followed by Alex saying "We should curse," and the rest of them yelling "Curse!"

Since Jirard is playing Symphony of the Night on the PS3, one of his ps3 friends came online, OneWeekWizard. They all joke about his name, saying that "This episode of Super Beard Bros. is brought to you by OneWeekWizard." as well as saying that he will now become famous.


  • Hippogryph Defeated(!)
  • Maria met again, revealing she is looking for Richter Belmont.
  • Leap Stone aquired.


  • Sometimes when a yellow Medusa Head turns you into stone, Alucard will become a stone demon, rather then the regular stone Alucard.

Question of the WeekEdit

Do you think that learning more about the enviroment is progression, or do you need to see a cutscene to feel like you're progressing?

In the next episode of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Myst, Alex reveals that almost all the comments were that as long as it is fun/purposful, the exploration is okay. Alex then said that SotN is a good example of one such game.

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