Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III -1 - wariO..

Dark Souls III -1 - wariO... waluigi???

Series Number 49
Date Began January 14th, 2017
Date Ended October 2nd, 2017
Number of Episodes 65
Playlist Dark Souls III

This let's play series is played by Alex, who "never" has died in Dark Souls III. He is coached by Brett Bayonne, without spoiling Alex or giving anything away. Jirard is also featured in most episodes, and is super chill in most if them, and in some he is so chill that it is almost impossible to hear him. It could also have been because of some audio issues.

*The video file for episode 57 was lost but parts of the audio was used in the video for episode 58.

Episodes Edit

  1. wariO... waluigi???
  2. Pushing up Daisies
  3. Buy the Farm
  4. Getting Tatsu'd
  5. Kick the Bucket
  6. Dead as a Doornail
  7. Bite the Dust
  8. Take the Last Train to Glory
  9. Give up the Ghost
  10. Meet Your Maker
  11. Dead as a Dormouse
  12. The Big Sleep
  13. Bite the Big One
  14. Checked Into the Horizontal Hilton
  15. Six Feet Under
  16. Counting Worms
  17. Wearing the Pine Overcoat
  18. Tango Uniform
  19. Dirt Nap
  20. Swimming with Concrete Shoes
  21. Sleeping with the Fishes
  22. Put Down
  23. Put to the Sword
  24. Shuffle off this Mortal Coil
  25. Pop One's Clogs
  26. Pay the Ultimate Price
  27. Ride the Pale Horse
  28. Brown Bread
  29. Croak
  30. Dead as a Dodo
  31. Didn't Make It
  32. His Watch Has Ended
  33. Game of Thrones III
  34. Laid to Rest
  35. Not in Rush Hour 3
  36. Put out to Pasture
  37. Fish Food
  38. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  39. Ain't Gonna Be in Dark Souls 4
  40. Put on Ice
  41. Never Found
  42. Checkmate
  43. Lights Out
  44. Becoming One With Darkness
  45. Got His Ticket Punched
  46. R.I.P.
  47. Davy Jones' Locker
  48. Cash in One's Chips
  49. Go Home in a Box
  50. Wandering the Elysian Fields
  51. Crossed the River Styx
  52. One-way Ticket
  53. Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust
  54. Joined the Majority
  55. Swan Song
  56. Cut the Wrong Wire
  57. Lost at Sea*
  58. Lost at Sea
  59. In a Better Place
  60. Never Heard From Again


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