Demon Jirard is a mysterious entity introduced in Megaman X3 - STILL THUGGIN'.  His origins and motives are almost entirely unknown.

Demon Jirard

Demon Jirard, taking yet another victim.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

For the most part, Demon Jirard looks identical to Jirard Khalil.  It's not known whether he took this form to decieve Jirard's co-workers, or if this is his normal appearance.  However, on occasion, some of his more unique features reveal themselves.  When showing anger, his voice slips into a much deeper tone, though he becomes progressively worse at maintaining this charade.  His body will also glow red when flexing his demonic willpower to take a victim.

Considering that many of his actions are done with the express purpose of disguise, it's difficult to determine which traits are solely his own, and which traits are merely part of the mask.  However, he seems to have a particular sadistic fondness for games that are either unpolished, unbalanced, or unfinished.

Possible OriginsEdit

Theory Warning: The following section contains unconfirmed speculation.

Demon Jirard may be a symbolic manifestation of Jirard's regrets about being dedicated to 100% Completion in games.  

The Demon first appears in the review of Jirard's least favorite SNES Mega Man X game, Mega Man X3.  Jirard openly admits that he only reviewed this game out of obligation, since he's reviewed X, X2, and X4.  He appears once more in Jirard's review of the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), a review which Jirard likely felt obligated to make due to being so frequently requested by fans.  In the review, Jirard is quite literally trapped in a Sonic '06-themed pocket dimension, paralleling this strong obligation.  Additionally, Demon Jirard's favorite game is Sneak King, which happens to be another game that Jirard finds remarkably unpleasant.  Overall, The Demon has deep ties to negative gaming experiences, all created out of of Jirard's responsibility as The Completionist's showrunner.

Interestingly, despite being such a seemingly powerful opponent, Demon Jirard is rather easily knocked out by Frazier's concerned punches, and his spell is quickly thwarted by fan participation.  The doppelgänger's colossal weakness to friendship and positivity may be Jirard's way of expressing why his 100% Completion-related dispair is all worth it.  At the end of the Sonic '06 review, Jirard includes a massive thank-you message that directly addresses all the people who make Jirard's job brighter.  Patreon subscribers, fans, fellow YouTubers, and co-workers are all listed.  The presense of such immense positivity is a probable source of Jirard's continuing motivation.

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