Brooke Thorne
Also Known As Dodger, Dooger, Doogs, Dox, Coffee Girl (By Greg)
First Appearance - Super Beard Bros. Dodger has not appeared on Super Beard Bros.
First Appearance - The Completionist Episode 52 Aladdin SNES
Birthday (1987-08-06) August 6, 1987 (age 31)
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Brooke "Dodger" Thorne (Previously Brooke Leigh Lawson) is a video game and anime news reporter with an addiction to coffee. She hosts her own show on PressHeartToContinue. She also does Let's plays with Tirinei and Jesse Cox, as well as a movie review every once in awhile. Though she does gaming news and anime news on her main channel, she is primarily a Twitch Streamer, hosting a talk show with chat interaction every Saturday on a show she calls Saturday Morning Dooger.

Dodger is also one of the hosts of the Co-optional Podcast, along with Jesse Cox and TotalBiscuit. This podcast used to be featured on the Polaris YouTube channel but now is featured on TotalBiscuit's YouTube channel.

Dodger is also the creator of Dodger Coffee Co, a company that sells just the best darn coffee there is.

The CompletionistEdit

Dodger's first completionist appearance was in episode 52, where she, with the help of Jirard, completed Aladin. It is during this time that it is revealed that Dodger had an influence on Jirard becoming a YouTuber.

In the Dark Souls episode, Dodger had voiced the Xbox 360 commanding Jirard to complete the game 100% to return to his home, and if he failed, than he would be stuck inside the game for all eternity, forced to play Dark Souls.

Later in Season 4, Dodger returned as a guest on The Completionist to help Jirard review the Genesis version of Aladdin.

Dodger appears as a witness in the Defend It! episode Sonic Unleashed. She was initially ready to criticize the game, but instead had a change of heart and refuted the Internet's point about the game's development for the PS2.


  • In the Aladdin review on The Completionist, Jirard has said that Dodger was his inspiration for starting The Completionist.
  • She has 2 Cats, Sherlockcat and Watsonkitty.
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