Duck Game
DUCK GAME - Super Indie Bros

DUCK GAME - Super Indie Bros. 3

Super Indie Bros.
Episode Number 3
Date Released May 20th, 2014

"Oh my gosh, this game is so good." - Established Game Reviewer Monthly*

"Five QUACKS!" - Duck-Related News Unlimited*

"What is this, I don't even." - Someone from the Internet

*May not actually be real quotes, but the opinions are still pretty accurate.

Enter the universe of DUCK GAME. The futuristic year is 1984 - and ducks have covered the known world with brutalist office spaces, factories, and construction projects. Fueled by a colossal military- and defense-weapons industry, the ruling government of Duck World recently installed instant-access weapon portals within every office space and simulated forest environment in the spirit of convenient self defense. Four ducks are sick of working. Now it's time to play!

- Duck Game page

Super Indie Bros.Edit

For the third episode of Super Indie Bros, Jirard and Alex played Duck Game for the Ouya. They were actually given an Ouya from the company, so they decided to try out an indie game, which has a dedicated quack button. All the while that they are playing, they cannot seem to stop laughing at everything that happens on screen. Because of this, even Jimmy the editor cannot help but laugh.

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