Duster Bowl
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 11 - Duster Bowl

Game Mother 3
Episode 11
Date Aired May 31st, 2014
Episode Length 22:09
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Abomination and Son
Next Episode Stinky Ghostbusters

"Oh sweet! On this leech's dead body there's a mushroom... A muchroom... There's very much room."
- Alex Faciane


The episode begins with a disclaimer that the audio of the gameplay wasn't captured. Music was added later on, but no Sound Effects were, as this would be too time consuming of a task. After that, the bros. open with another disclaimer that they lost all the data they had from the last two episodes, so they had to re-fight the Mecha-Drago. 

While fighting a Detached Leech, Jirard finally learns how to use the timed-hits, although he still does have a bit of trouble without the music. But even still, with this help he can get through battles easier.


  • Gained control of Duster
  • Seven (five) Mystical Thief tools acquired
  • Obtained 50,000 DP!... but then put it back
  • Made it to Osohe Castle


  • It may be possible that Butch's name derives from the japanese word "Buta" which means "Pig".
  • According to Battle Memory, Spineless Lobsters can shear sheep to near baldness with their claws.

Question of the DayEdit

Which console and why do you like more out of the GBA and SNES? Also try not to let nostalgia get in the way.

Sub-Question of the DayEdit

Who doesn't love cheese?

Alex then says after answering the Question of the Day, put after your answer "I Like Cheese!" or "I Hate Cheese!"

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