Earthbound Museum!
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 65 - Earthbound Museum!

Game Mother 3
Episode 65
Date Aired January 24th, 2015
Episode Length 22:50
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode No More Guide Bois
Next Episode FINALE! (Mother 3)

Episode Edit

In this exciting installment of hte Mother 3 series, Jirard and Alex finally reach the REAL 100th floor. After cruising down memory lane, they confront a number of Mecha Porkies. After battling for a bit, DCMC swops in and saves the day! Porky reveals his true self, dispatches the Masked Man to retrieve the final needle, and challenges the heross to stop him. The party drops down the tower to an underground cavern and work their way to the entrance of the final area.

Progress Edit

  • Jirard sees the Earthbound Museum, as indicated by the title.
  • The party fights Mecha Porkies
  • Jirard gets to the entrance of the last area
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