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Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 50 - Fevers & Birthdays

Game Mother 3
Episode 50
Date Aired November 12th, 2014
Episode Length 27:33
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode 60fps Shrooms!
Next Episode Up Then Down Then Up Then Down


Starting off this episode with the star wars theme(for some reason) Jirard makes his way to the next Magypsy's house named Mixolydia. After talking to Mixolydia, the party gets revived from the poisoness mushroom that was slowly eating away at their souls. Mixolidia does so by wacking each and every one on the head with a stick. After upgrading all the team members, Jirard went into questing mode, and headed into the cave to continue his journy.


  • Jirard met up with the next Magypsy
  • Jirard got all of his Items back that had been washed away when Lucas washed up on the Isand
  • Jirard went up against the pillar gaurdians but allas they were a bigger threat than anticipated


  • Ocho the octopus (named after the hispanic number 8) also makes an appearance in the japanese dsi game kappa road
  • The Pillar Men may be a reference to Jo-Jo's bazzare adventure or vise versa

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex is sick

question of the dayEdit

*What is a boss that got in your head and just psyched you out?

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