Final Fantasy Tactics
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Final Fantasy Tactics Review & Secrets with ProJared -The Completionist®

Final Fantasy Tactics Review & Secrets with ProJared -The Completionist®

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Date Released ThatOneVideoGamer: September 23rd 2016 (Delisted May 9th 2019, later restored)
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Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Squaresoft (later changed to Square and now Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation video game console. It is the first game of the Final Fantasy Tactics series and was released in Japan in June 1997 and in the United States in January 1998. The game combines thematic elements of the Final Fantasy video game series with a game engine and battle system unlike those previously seen in the franchise. In contrast to other 32-bit era Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Tactics uses a 3D, isometric, rotatable playing field, with bitmap sprite characters

On May 9th 2019, this review was delisted from YouTube following Projared's dismissal from NormalBoots, but later restored for public viewing.

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