Finale + Bonus! (Saw)
Super Meat Bros

Super Meat Bros. - Finale + Bonus!

Episode starts at 12:55
Game Saw
Episode 1
Date Aired June 26th, 2014
Length 21:07
Playlist Saw
Next Episode Bellagio Music

"What we're looking at is a CG Puppet on a TV... on a TV..."
- Alex Faciane


This episode starts as the bonus for the Super Meat Boy at 12:55. If you haven't watched the finale of Super Meat Boy or need a quick link, Click Here.

Jirard and Alex enter the game already scared, just because of the game's main menu presentation. However, as they continue playing, they quickly lose this scared mentality and hysterically laugh at the Jigsaw puppet.

After completing the first puzzle, Jirard fumbles with the controls a bit to find that there is a lighter button, a "get ready to punch" button, and an uppercut button. While the game may not control perfectly, the atmosphere in the game is extremely offsetting... if it weren't for the constant achievements they get for simply existing in the game.

When Jirard tries to learn how to fight, he actually gets killed. After attempting again, Jirard gets two achievements for killing one guy. After that, a man's head is exploded after he opens a shotgun door, which makes Alex want to call the episode there. However, Jirard requests that they play just a bit further before ending. After which, Jirard said that he is having a fantastic time playing the game.


  • First Puzzle Solved
  • Second "Puzzle" Solved
  • Learned to Fight
  • Learned Detective Tapp has a key inside his torso.
  • Weirdly locked door opened.

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