Fish That Suck Fish
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 4 - Fish That Suck Fish

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 4
Date Aired May 4th, 2014
Episode Length 24:31
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode Quetch Fest
Next Episode The Bridge Glidge


The episode begins with Jirard calling in Frazier to find Jirard a charger for his controller (since he is using the Wii-U). Why Jirard didn't just pause the episode (since it literally began right as Jirard asked for the charger) is still a mystery.

While Jirard is going through the Tower of Hera, he gets a little cocky and ends up dying, losing him his first life. However, Jirard had two bottled fairies, so the death just paused his run for a couple of seconds.

Beard Bros. VersusEdit

During the episode, Jirard calls for a Beard Bros. Versus, similar to the last episode's Beard Bros. Debate to decide what Link does while he swims.

Alex says that while Link is swimming, he brings his head above the water to get air. Jirard, on the other hand, says the same exact thing, except that Link is drinking the water, since he is wearing the Zora's Flippers.


  • Zora's Flippers obtained
  • 3 total Pieces of Hearts obtained
  • Magical Boomerang obtained
  • Level 2 Shield obtained
  • Bigger bomb bag obtained (30 bombs)
  • Bigger arrow quiver obtained (35 arrows)
  • Magic Mirror obtained
  • First Death
  • Moon Pearl obtained
  • Moldorm defeated
  • Ninth Heart Piece obtained
  • Pendant of Wisdom obtained!
  • Tower of Hera beaten


  • (Theory) The Zora in ALttP might be a less-evolved form of the now known Zora from Ocarina of Time.
  • Zora's might be based on Remora, a type of fish that suck and clean other fish while they swim around, or by Zora Neale Hurston, since the inspiration for Zelda was from Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Zora or Zorya is a Slavic name meaning Beautiful Aurora, Dawn, or Morning Star.
  • Zelda Williams could be named after Zelda from the Legend of Zelda Series.
  • Hera was the wife of Zeus (as well as the sister of Zeus), and is rumored that she lived in a beautiful tower or palace, built on the top of Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece, similar to the Tower of Hera
  • In Japanese, Moldrom is known as Degu Tēru, which means Big Tail.

Not RelatedEdit

  • In Native American Folklore, Manabozho, also known as the Great Hare, was a trickster god who was constantly shape shifting into different forms. He has a good line in Creation, Provisions and Transformation, and is one of the most important critters in Native American mythology.
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