Fishing For Birdies
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 47 - Fishing For Birdies

Game Mother 3
Episode 47
Date Aired November 4th, 2014
Episode Length 26:46
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Nose Horns
Next Episode Under the Mother Sea


This episode of Mother 3 starts off just after Fassad was taken down and Jirard still seems to be bummed about losing the one up he had JUST gotten. but soon after that he runs into Mr. Saturn who informs him that a ladder has just been built for them so that they can easily go back any time they want. Having access to go back, Jirard finally gets the chance to go to the shop in order to buy better equipment for his team. On his way however, they get a quick glimpse of the enemy blowing up the exit. Just as all hope seemed to have disappeared, an old friend makes an appearance to lend them a hand.... errr jaw.


  • Kumatora learned Defense down
  • Lucas learned PSI shield
  • Jirard bought equipments for his party
  • Jirard caught a bird
  • Rope snake left :(
  • Jirard dove into the ocean
  • Kumatora learned a new Ice technique


  • Mr Saturn ties a balloon to his nose in order to fish for birdies(?).
    Bird Fishing
  • Acid trip coffee is made by Mr. Saturn using a bird.


This amazing piece of art was made by Jenice Rubright

  • follow Jenice on twitter @Neskybo

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex beat Mother The weekend prior
  • Alex plays weird games at weird times

Question of the DayEdit

What game have you played where you played the sequel before the prequel?

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