Flowers in the Attic
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 28 - Flowers in the Attic

Game Mother 3
Episode 28
Date Aired August 17th, 2014
Episode Length 31:11
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode PFFFTTH!!!
Next Episode Shimmy Zmizz's Raspberries

"Wait, is that a fast-cut?"
- Alex Faciane


The episode begins with another musical number and taking a shower. Afterwards, they conversed with Violet (Kumatora) for awhile, similar to the Coffee Break in EarthBound. Soon after, Jirard prepares for the gauntlet ahead that is the attic...

Before Jirard goes into the attic, Alex hypes it up first, saying that he needs to buy a bunch of antidotes, get tons of healing items, and keep a couple cans of bug spray on him so that he can get through. They then trudge through the attic, battling mice and bats. It takes Jirard the entirety of the episode (30 minutes) for him to get through the attic,


  • Attic Guide obtained
  • Lucas learned Lifeup β
  • Jealous Bass defeated!

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