Also Known As King of the Drink
First Appearance - Super Beard Bros. A Day in the Sewers!
First Appearance - The Completionist HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE COMPLETIONIST
Birthday August 12th
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Frazier is a behind-the-scenes member of Super Beard Bros. who only spoke in a few episodes. He describes himself as "a child at heart, and that will never change." He also aspires to be in, and make, great films.

Upon the creation of the Super Scope Show, Frazier has taken a more prominent role than his former behind-the-scenes role, becoming one of the three main actors in the show.

The CompletionistEdit

Although not in an episode, Frazier was first seen in a New Years video on Jirard's old channel, ThatOneVideoWebsite. He was introduced by being called "Miles" (or "Tails") by Zan Alda and was to be Jirard's new PR guy. Jirard said he didn't want him, so Frazier proceeded to attack Jirard and cut his beard, all while screaming "Miles!"

Super Beard Bros.Edit

Frazier's first appearance was in Super Mario RPG episode 4, A Day in the Sewers!, when Greg asked him what his theory on why Mario was such a big hero in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In Super Mario RPG episode 7, Not Yoshi's Island, Jirard revealed that Frazier had been promoted, so he will no longer be in Super Beard Bros. episodes.

He returned in the Tiny Brains episode Fun Fun Fun for the whole game series.

Super Scope ShowEdit

On the Super Scope Show, Frazier, alongside Micheal Santell and Andrew Campbell, is one of the three main actors in the series.

Trivia Edit

As revealed on Episode #3 of "Super Banjo Bros.," Frazier once appeared on the MTV dating show "Parental Control" with his girlfriend at the time, Erin in which Frazier portrayed a boyfriend who, among other negative qualities, swore too much, particularly at passing cars. We are currently trying to find him.

Frazer and Jirard went to college together, and attended a Dethklok virtual concert according to Jirard in their Bloodborne playthrough.

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