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Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Tiny Brains Episode 1 - Fun Fun Fun

Game Tiny Brains
Episode 1
Date Aired December 3rd, 2013
Length 19:21
Playlist Tiny Brains
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The episode begins with the Bros. explaining why they had been gone for so long. Originally, their capture card had broke, and then when they tried to use another, it too broke. They had attempted to record just one episode of Wild Arms about 4 times, but had little success. While Jirard and Alex were bummed about this, Greg says that he was okay with it. So, for this week (the week of December 2013), the Bros. decided to play Tiny Brains, just as a little break, since they had trouble with getting Wild Arms working.

Also for this game, Frazier comes to join and play the game, and Jirard allows Greg and Alex to play the game as well, since this is a 4 player co-op game.

Halfway through the episode, a "technical issue" had occurred, cutting off a bit of the level. Greg tries to play it off as though nothing had happened, but Jirard blows that out of the water.


  • Escaped the Lab (Chapter 1 beaten)


  • Originally, Tiny Brains had a different setting. It was a sci-fi game with troll-like characters. However, the game play was almost exactly the same.
  • All the achievements are named after famous Russian people.
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