Funk Man and Base
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 4 - Funk Man and Base

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 4
Date Aired July 5th, 2014
Episode Length 14:19
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode The Later Man Stage
Next Episode The Lusive Spring Man


Alex starts this episode while trying to rap as Jirard Begins the Junk Man episode calling Junk Man a Frankenstein Look-alike. Jirard has a theory that Dr. Wiley had run out of Ideas while creating Junk Man and just threw a bunch of Junk together to create him.


  • Junk Man stage was started
  • Jirard found the "S" finally finishing the word "RUSH"
  • Jirard obtained the Rush adapter
  • Jirard obtained the Rush Jet
  • Junk Man was defeated
  • Junk Shield was obtained
  • Museum Level was started
  • Clown Man was defeated
  • Store was unlocked


  • Shooting out ice onto the Lava freezes the floor in the Junk Man stage
  • In the Worlds Combined comics with Mega Man and Sonic, Junk Man is Defeated by Sonic
  • Junk Man has Magnets in his body that allow him to levitate
  • junk Man is weak to Lightening because it disrupts his electromagnetic field
  • Auto, The store clerk is a pun Name to cars
  • In Japanese Auto always says Desu and loves the Met Helmets

Not RelatedEdit

  • Alex took a selfie of himself because his girlfriend found her wallet on the floor of her living room
  • Nintendo confirmed some low key N64 games for the Wii U
  • Alex believes that Junk Man looks like a character from Power Rangers

Question Of The DayEdit

Whats your favorite rip off from a game

  • Alex's is the Light saber from No More Heros
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