Ganon's Secret Base (Episode 14)
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 14 - Ganon's Secret Base

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 14
Date Aired June 8th, 2014
Episode Length 30:43
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode Turtle Rock Lobster
Next Episode The Finale! (A Link to the Past)

"Ganon, we've infiltrated your base- ah, a bat!"
- Link

This is episode 14 of A Link to the Past. If you are looking for episode 6, click here.


The episode begins with Jirard starting on Ganon's Tower, a dungeon that they should have completed long, long ago. They then go on to say that in the next episode, they will keep two of their promises that they made in this series.

As this dungeon was supposed to be done after Jirard obtained the three pendants, all of the enemies deal very little damage (half a heart). Because of this, Jirard plays extremely sloppy, making it his mission to get hit by every single enemy.

As Alex tries to figure out why Link's hair is pink, Jirard makes his way to Ganon's Secret Base to complete the game once and for all... again... for the hundredth time... In this dungeon, Jirard, still playing somewhat sloppy, he trudges through the dungeon for the final fight against Agahnim.


  • Agahnim defeated
  • Final Piece of Heart obtained!!!
  • 20th Heart Piece obtained!!!
  • Ganon's Base entered
  • Red Mail obtained
  • Agahnim defeated again.


  • In every picture of Agahnim, he wears red robes. However, in game, he wears green robes.
  • Link's hair is pink is because the rabbit (Dark World Link) and Link use the same sprite pallet, and because of this, they wanted the rabbit to stay the same color, so they made Link's hair pink. The rabbit may also stay pink in order to contrast with the Dark World's color pallet.
  • The fastest speed-run of A Link to the Past is 1 minute 40 seconds. Holy...
  • Jirard's favorite Tunic is the Red Mail.

Question of the DayEdit

What is your favorite Final Boss stage in Zelda?

Alex answers with Majora's Mask final battle against Majora, while Jirard said that A Link to the Past was his favorite.

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