Ganon's Secret Base (Episode 6)
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 6 - Ganon's Secret Base

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 6
Date Aired May 10th, 2014
Episode Length 22:29
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode The Bridge Glidge
Next Episode The Flute and The Fairy

"I believe you will destroy Ganon. Step 1: Take out his base. Step 2: Take out his base again."
- The First Maiden

This is episode 6 of A Link to the Past. If you are looking for episode 14, click here.


The episode begins with Jirard explaining that he has gotten All of the world's money, since he has 999 rupees, and that money will no longer be an issue throughout the rest of the game.

Upon walking into the Dark Palace (or Palace of Darkness), Jirard says that the next episode, he will begin sequence breaking (although technically he already has for skipping Aghanim's Tower) in the next episode.

While Jirard explores through the Dark Palace, he unfortunately forgets to grab certain keys, forcing him to backtrack all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon multiple times. However, while doing this, the Bros. bring up that they should play Super Mario World after one of the series, but only if the fans are okay with it.

Jirard, yet again, dies, making him realize that all day he has been having a Dear Diary Day, or as Alex likes to put it, an Ice Cream Sandwich Confession. Jirard and Alex then play off of this, setting up a good premise for the show. It would be a Vlog, with Jirard starting off saying "Dear Dairy" (as opposed to Dear Diary), and then going over how his day has been. Alex then said that it would also make for a good sketch. Yes, please.

Shortly after, Jirard fights the dreadful Helmasaur King, only to be beaten not once, but twice in less than the span of thirty seconds. Right as all hope seems lost, Jirard pulls through the boss fight, defeating the Helmasaur King with only one heart left. They then save the First Maiden to learn of Ganon's Secret Base, effectively ending the episode.


  • Third Bottle obtained (from E.T. Offscreen)
  • Quake Medallion (Offscreen)
  • Magic Hammer obtained
  • Helmasaur King defeated
  • Tenth Heart Piece obtained
  • First Maiden rescued!
  • Palace of Darkness beaten


  • The Helmasaur is a portmanteau or helmet and dinosaur.
  • (Editor Fact) In Japan, the Magic Hammer is sometimes referred to by players as "M.C. Hammer," similar to how North American players refer to the Megaton Hammer in Ocarina of Time as "M.C. Hammer."
  • According to the manga, the Helmasaur King was once a very shy man who found a way into the Dark World and became this monster, "hidden" behind a mask.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Alex loves the fact that villians can have bases.

Question of the DayEdit

What do you think of us playing Super Mario World on Beard Bros, or is there another quick game that you would like us to play?

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