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Dark Souls III -1 - wariO..

Dark Souls III -1 - wariO... waluigi???

Game Dark Souls 3
Episode 49
Date Aired August 2, 2017
Length 36:38
Playlist Dark Souls III
Next Episode N/A


The episode starts with Jirard, standing in front of the camera Completionist style (and his wiggly fingers) telling the viewer that some changes are coming to Patreon, That One Video Gamer, The Dex and some of the "series that are currently in standing". Jirard continues, "120 episodes of The Completionist are also going away due to issues with Greg and any other videos where we worked with him in the past". The reason Jirard is starting a Super Beard Bros. episode with this is that the episodes that Greg are in are being deleted from Super Beard Bros. in 30 days (to be deleted on September 1st, 2017). The series that are being effected are "Symphony of the night", Donkey Kong Country, a good portion of "Wild Arms", "Super Mario RPG". Also some one-offs or series here and there are being deleted. Jirard is ok with people downloading those episodes.


Jirard starts the "real" episode with "Como estás motherfuckers?" followed by Alex "Hi! What's up?! Welcome to the Wrap shack" and Brett saying "We´re baaack". Then they talk about food for a while followed by a boss battle, Champion Gundyr. Brett is later described as the realest guy on the planet in this series, and that he goes from telling Alex not to listen to the haters to roasting him pretty hard. Because Alex dies a few times there is talk about "Cringe" and Jirard fakes an advertisement with some "bumpy ass advertising music". Speaking of music, Brett thinks the boss battle song is "bad ass". Alex has some real problems with the boss in this episode and almost does it at the end, but fails.

Wrap of the day - FoodtalkEdit

The intro ends with Jirard saying that he doesn't know what show is coming up, but if it is a Dark Souls III episode the wrap of the day is a "Double bacon cheddar bacon wrap cheddar bacon wrap". The "real" wrap of the day is the Fried Chicken Wrap which is a layer of fried chicken wrapped around a layer of fried chicken with some gouda cheese on the top and some sprinkled bacon, and just for fun chipotle aioli everywhere. Also the avocado toast! Also Brett complains about Pam's Burger is expensive. Alex talks about Eater Magazine and what it is to be a foodie, and an article about burgers.


Alex watched "The Founder" on a flight, it's with Michael Keaton and is about McDonald's.




Alex fights Champion Gundyr five times and dies on all of his attempts.

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