Gun Marks the Spot
Super Saw Bros

Super Saw Bros. 2 - Gun Marks the Spot

Game Saw
Episode 3
Date Aired July 3rd, 2015
Episode Length 16:48
Playlist Saw
Last Episode Bellagio Music
Next Episode Antidote Minigame

"That progress life is real!"
- Jirard Khalil


The episode begins with mention of the fan from last episode, and although they don't notice that nothing happens with the fan, nothing happens with the fan.

Later on, Alex and Jirard start singing lyrics to "Sugar, We're Going Down," and Alex brings up the video where the lyrics were what it sounded like instead of the actual song lyrics. As Beard Bros. homework, he askes the audience to find the song. Click this and get an A on the final!


  • Notification read
  • Darkness Also Illuminates
  • Gun puzzle solved
  • Fuse minigame completed

Question of the DayEdit

What's the most confused you've ever felt in a game?

Jirard said that this game is definitely up there in confusing games. Alex said that when he was younger, he was too dumb to play Ecco The Dolphin, which is understandable.

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