Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. Super Mario Land 2 with Davis! Episode 4 - HAPPY IN SPACE!

Game Super Mario Land 2
Episode 4
Date Aired February 22nd, 2013
Episode Length 15:25
Playlist Super Mario Land 2
Last Episode Into The Woods... Tree?
Next Episode Physics


This episode starts with Davis heading into Space Zone. It starts with a water level, where Davis finds a secret sack of money unbeknownst to all of the people present. Alex presents his theory of why Space Zone begins with a water level. Davis clears the moon level easily and then dies once on the boss, Tatanga.


  • Space Zone beaten


  • The Hippo is not a true enemy. It only blows bubbles.
  • Owen Pallet (also known as Final Fantasy), a famous violinist, sampled the song from Space Zone in one of his songs, An Arrow in the Side of Final Fantasy.
  • In Paper Mario Sticker Star, the Boom Box sticker uses the music from Space Zone.
  • The stars in level 2 of Space Zone spell out the word Happy.
  • Tatanga, the boss of Super Mario Land and Space Zone, doesn't appear in the Mario vs. Wario comic. 

Not relatedEdit

  • Davis wears Batman Fingerless Gloves, which he recieved from Schroeder's girlfriend.
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