Hanna The Vampire
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 40 - Hanna The Vampire

Game Mother 3
Episode 40
Date Aired October 2nd, 2014
Episode Length 22:30
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Next Episode You're Welcome

"Parents we're coming for your kids"
- Jirard Khalil


Even though last episode Alex Promised that the start of this episode would begin at the lab, Alex found it necassary to first share a story with the audiance as jirard makes his was back to the lab. It was a funny story, go check it out. there is however a spoiler warning so skip over to minute three if you want no spoilers.

Finally after making it back to the lab Jirard runs around lost while Alex assures him that he is fine and that he should just adventure around and learn about the other animals in this lab.


  • Jirard Made it back to the Lab
  • Jirard found the Map
  • Jirard found Salsa the monkey
  • Jirard Defeated the Almost Mecha Lion
  • Salsa joined the party


  • There is a theory that Dr Andonuts is Loyd from the original Earth Bound because both always hide in the trash can and have similar hair

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Mt Fuji is an important symbol to japan, and it represents tranquility. and Alex believes that the painting with the rocket in the mountain represents corruption and it the central theme of this game. corrupting nature
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