Heal Berries?
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. -Wild Arms Ep5 - Heal Berries?

Game Wild Arms
Episode 5
Date Aired December 19th, 2012
Episode Length 24:15
Playlist Wild Arms
Last Episode The Cave to the North Part 1
Next Episode Khalil Bereta 2013

Progression in EpisodeEdit

This episode continues where the last one ended, in Lolithia's Tomb. After getting a few monsters out of the way Jirard solves a couple of puzzles to reach items. After progressing a bit further, Jirard solves another puzzle that raises a platform so he can reach a door, but when he tries to open it, Magtortous appears and Jirard have to fight it. He fails at his first attempt. After that, Jirard and Alex discuss using a glitch in the game to make it easier to progress, and asks the viewers if they are ok with using it. Magtortous is defeated and the party discovers a Golem. We are told about the legend of the eight weapons that where buried after nearly destroying the world, and this Golem is one of those weapons. The leave the room to tell Emma about their find. On the way they find a Crest Graph which is used to buy spells. When they get back to Emma, she and her crew lifts the Golem from the tomb. The party leaves Lolithia's tomb and walks back to Adlehyde.

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