How many times will Jirard try???
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 4 - How many times will Jirard try???

Game Super Metroid
Episode 4
Date Aired June 14th, 2013
Episode Length 16:23
Playlist Super Metroid
Next Episode Gravity!!!


During the episode, Greg says that his brother wants Jirard to review the game "Chex Quest."

Almost the entirety of the episode is Jirard trying to pass a lake (by sequence-breaking) to get to the Wrecked Ship, failing time after time. After a long time of Jirard trying to get past to the Wrecked Ship, (hence the episode name), Jirard fights Phantoon, just to die shortly after, reverting him back to the other side.


No progress was made.

Question of the WeekEdit

Favorite places that you go that you shouldn't go to.

Jirard answered with how you can skip the Ganon fight in A Link to the Past and go straight to the dark world. (VideoAlex answered with Skyrim, glitching over rocks/mountains to get to areas that you shouldn't be at yet. Greg's answer was in World of Warcraft their was a small area that you could go through to get to the top of the Dwarven City in Ironforge

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