Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 16 - Hummingberg

Game Mother 3
Episode 16
Date Aired June 22nd, 2014
Episode Length 24:29
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Shake That Wess
Next Episode Want Some Dung?

"What do you call Walter White when he sells nectar instead of meth? Hummingberg."
- Alex Faciane


The episode opens with Alex welcoming the audience back to the Castle of Nightmares with Duster, although the real name of the castle (Osohe Castle) is nowhere near that. Soon after, Alex realizes that he continues to call the castle the wrong thing, and that he has mispronounced it since they first get to Osohe Castle.

While Jirard is running through the castle to return to where he was previously at (he was forced to go back a few rooms because of a Broom), Kumatora started to feel feverish. While this will eventually lead to a new PK power for her, Jirard and Alex respond quite negatively to this, as she can no longer run.


  • Kumatora learned PK Thunder α
  • Kumatora learned Lifeup α
  • Hummingberg obtained
  • Oh-So-Snake defeated!
  • Chapter 2 ended

Question of the DayEdit

Jirard - Have you ever gotten sick and learned something?

This is immediately followed up by Alex saying "no" and Jirard laughing. Alex then asks an actual question. 

Alex - What is something bad that has happened to you that you took something good away from?

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