Big Bad Bosses -B3- - I'm The Boss OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Big Bad Bosses -B3- - I'm The Boss OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

I'm the Boss is the first single from the Big Bad Bosses album "Power Overwhelming". It was released on the same day as the album, December 22nd, 2015. A music video for the song was animated by TopSpinTheFuzzy, Gregzilla, jaxamoto, and StevRayBro. It can be found on the ThatOneVideoGamer channel.

The track is the second on the album, and the first musical track after the intro. The song serves to establish B3's credibility as dangerous bosses who are to be feared.

Personnel Edit

Lyrics Edit

Ronik Edit

Yeah, yeah, alright

Sephy Edit

Maybe you've heard about me

All in the news today

I'm kind of legendary in the most destructive way

I have a secret hideout

I've got those fancy swords

I've got a bone to pick with all generic demon lords

Open a dictionary

Turn it to mastermind

You'll see a picture of me with my other bros in line

I'll burn your village and I won't even look behind

I may not be kind

G-Cash Edit

You know why?

Hook (All) Edit

I'm the boss

I'm the boss

I'm very, very sorry for your loss

I'm the boss

I'm the boss

And just in case I didn't get my point across, I'm the boss

Big Bow Edit

Of a whole 'nother castle.

Ain't no princess inside

Ain't nobody gonna come and find me

I've got mad reptilian pride

If you wanna step in my kingdom

I've got a real nice surprise

Ain't nobody see me coming

Even if you got special eyes

Ronik Edit

Even if they get the run up on me

I got Tricks, and traps, and bait

If you got big plans for later

Better tell that you'll be late

I've got a personal private army

Made up of a bunch of mice

And rabbit's and foxes

Now isnt that so very nice

Sephy Edit

Why must I sit here

and explain how we're going to take control

Ronik Edit

Everybody around me, gets thrown upon the ground

Cuz we don't mess around

All Edit

(Hook x2)

G-Cash Edit

Will somebody put out that racket?

If there's trouble your bout' to attract it

G-Cash my moves are so practiced

Like a phantom watch while i smash this

Fly honeys to my room like its tragic

Don't make waves silence it's magic

If there is a fever I'm-a damn well catch it

If there is a record I'm-a damn well scratch it

Big Bow Edit

Yo, check out my mad flows

Not this minion, ginger-bread corn rows

Everyone here knows I'm the Nero

Stomp one, two, three, four, heroes

Ronik Edit

Ronik, don't even need a step

I engineer beats like Imhotep

Players run when they see me on the mic check

I've got spikes that'll make a dudes life wreck

Sephy Edit

Hey ladies, I'm Sephy

Give me your digits phone getting heavy

I'll pick it up and see what we start

I might just break your heart

All Edit

Ain't ever easy, being sleazy, but I get by

G-Cash Edit

I'm in my element when I make a baby cry

Ronik Edit

If you ever try to cross me, there'll be hell to pay

All Edit

So stay out of my way

G-Cash Edit

You know what? Don't, cuz

All Edit

(Hook x3)

I'm the boss

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